Cannatonic Strain


Cannatonic Strain is one great marijuana strain known mostly for its low thc level and high CBD content.This Strain is one perfect painkiller it also helps with anxiety, migraines and a lot more of psychological ailments. This Weed Strain has a slight earthy odor and sweet vaguely citrusy flavor. this is a perfect strain to relax after work best ever CBD strain in stock
This strain also comes as shatter and all I can say is wow you need to have a taste of the shatter weed for Cannatonic if you have had several abdominal surgeries, this strain is the best strain for you, this is a tingly kinda and energetic sativa
This Strain doesn’t get you High” If you smoke enough of it,it will get you high but the CBD will keep you grounded where’s you won’t trip hard. Oh but you will know your buzzin yes you will.